Rooted In                              SPARK

Spiritual Performing Arts Ministry (SPAM) strives to “glow” through the following:



We want to lift and glorify the God of all creation and His Son, Jesus Christ.  We strive to achieve this not only the material but quality of performance of production.



 Through each play lead to some aspect of a relationship with God and Christ be demonstrated.  Not only is the all-important evangelical message of salvation to be shown but also Truths of the Christian walk as well.



As C.S. Lewis wrote of his Narnia tales, we hope to sneak past sleeping dragons.  We hope through drama and humor to pierce defenses against the gospel message as an outreach to all.



Rather than join in with the admittedly accurate complaint of the lack of wholesome entertainment available in today’s world, we hope to light a candle in the darkness.  We want our witness to be of a loving, caring, and enjoyable God.